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How To Maintain & Improve Your Foot Health

foot health guideThe American Podiatric Medical Association conducted a recent study showing that almost 75% of all Americans will have at least one foot problem throughout their life.

Most foot problems are related to abuse or overuse of the feet, while other foot problems are caused by deformities or congenital malformations.

Your foot’s health is very important to sustaining mobility and balance throughout your life. This section will teach you more about your foot’s natural health and ways to improve your foot health.

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Foot Health Topics:

  • Foot Massage

    Everyone enjoys a good foot-rub every now and then, especially from a spouse or significant other. There’s something deeply soul-satisfying about coming home after a hard day at work, pulling your shoes off, and allowing someone else to relieve the day’s accumulated pressure from our long-suffering feet. But there’s more to foot massage than simple […]

  • What To Expect From Physical Therapy For Your Feet

    Physical therapy, or PT, is a medical specialty that deals with improving a patient’s mobility and relieving pain following an injury, or sometimes an illness.

  • Barefoot Running – Advantages and Disadvantages

    Barefoot running is a phenomenon that has gained great popularity in the running community in the past few years. It is seen as a way to limit the negative effects of footwear and as a panacea for running-related injuries.

  • Health Benefits of Foot Pedicures

    Getting a pedicure makes you feel pampered and well cared-for, but there are also numerous health benefits associated with pedicures. Read more on the benefit of pedicures.

  • How to Get Rid of Hair on Feet and Toes

    Many of us have unwanted hair on our feet and toes. Read more to find out the most effective ways to handle it.

  • 9 Stretches for Pain-Free Feet

    Here are 9 different stretches that can help your feet live a pain-free life.

  • A Complete Guide To The Anatomy Of The Foot

    Learn about the main components and structures that make up the foot.

  • Plantar Fasciitis Exercises: A Complete List

    Use this article to learn more about the different exercises that can benefit you and relieve the pain and symptoms caused by the condition plantar fasciitis.

  • A Complete Guide to Foot Support & Orthotics

    Learn about the several types of orthopedic devices, popular brands, costs, benefits and who’s a good candidate for them.

  • Antalgic Gait – Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

    We all have gait, or a way we walk. Antalgic gait deals with walking while avoiding pain, usually with a limp. Learn more about what causes this abnormality and how it’s treated.

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There are five metatarsals in all. The metatarsals are the long bones located in our feet, between the tarsal (ankle) bones and the phalanges (toes).

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